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Teamwork is essential for affecting change. A common goal and the sequence of steps necessary to see positive change is the foundation for the consultation services provided by Autism Behavioral Consulting, LLC (ABC).

ABC believes that all people gain skills when the appropriate guidance, motivation and feedback are present. It is this philosophy that will assist individuals with an Autism Spectrum or other Developmental Disorder as well as his or her team to reach their utmost potential.

A referral to ABC can be initiated by contacting Brittany Schmidt. A team or family can expect a review of their needs, determination of the level of consultation needed and a plan for reaching the objectives outlined. It will be key to work as a team, have consistent communication, commitment and follow through from all involved in order to obtain the most benefit from the consultative services. It will be up to all involved to determine what their needs are in conjunction with the consultant. Flexibility in meeting the teamís needs is the objective so the individual with an Autism Spectrum or other Developmental Disorder can best meet their goals.

Hourly consultation or consultation packages are available. If a district agrees to 5 or more full day consultations from ABC the hourly consultation rate will be decreased. Please contact Brittany Schmidt for complete rates information.

The package described below is designed to provide the requesting team with a continuum of service necessary to implement educational, communication and/or behavior interventions specific to either 1) a specific student OR 2) district-wide protocol. The content of the consultation will vary depending on which you choose and the previous training/knowledge of the team members.

Ten hours of service is the initial investment of time for consultation to the team.

The team may consider the following package of service:
Establishment of the top 3 priorities for the individual or district/agency.

Prior to the initial consultation the consultant from ABC will review the file, come to a decision on the top three outcomes from the team (from the referral paperwork), and review the completed Underlying Characteristics Checklist (completed by the team).

1st Consultation will occur and will last approximately 4 hours. (2 hours observation and 2 hours team meeting) Outcome: Understanding of initial programming work required, setting of measurable goals for both the student and the staff/team members, development of a Comprehensive Autism Planning Schedule (CAPS) - draft.

1 hour conference call will be held with the team and the consultant approximately 2 weeks after the first consultation. The purpose of this call will be to review the measurable goals and the draft of the CAPS. Secondly, if there was any data collected by the team since the first consultation that will be reviewed and incorporated into the CAPS.

One month after the conference call a 2nd consultation will occur. At least 1 week prior to this the team will be required to submit any intervention data that they have collected. The purpose of this consultation will be for the consultant to provide constructive feedback to the intervention program as well as to be able to problem solve with the team any additional considerations.

2 weeks after the 2nd consultation a 2nd phone conference will be held.
Outcome: A comprehensive intervention program for the identified top 3 concern areas will be in place.

The above plan may require the team to obtain additional training or support. Please refer to the training section for these options.
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